Monday 19 November 2012

Are sportsman overly-paid? :3

Qn: Are sports celebrities overpaid?(O.o)

  • Ø  Most of the sports athletes who makes it to the highest level will not stick around very long.
  • Ø  Elite performers in nearly every industry are very well compensated.
  • Ø  Athletes are entertainers. (Fans and Huge Audiences)
  • Ø  Actors and singers work in the craft whereas athletes are just using their talents to play a child’s game.
  • Ø  Athletes had been practising since when they were kids to hone their skills.
  • Ø  Cost of building a football team is the same as making a Hollywood movie.

I feel that Athletes are not overpaid due to the fact that they have to start practising since they were young to hone their skills which would have probably take a long time. Moreover, many feels that they would just use their borned-talent to play a child's game. However, most did not know that athletes do not stay around very long once they reach to a higher level. Thus, most people overlooked the fact that an athlete had to hone their borned-skills since they were young, but they could only stick around for a certain amount of time before they will retire as they would not have a better stamina to play a better game as they get older. Hence, I do not agree that Athletes are overly-paid.
Paragraph Writing:

Elite sports athletes are extremely overpaid and this could lead to corruption in sports
Drugs - To enhance once performance in the games.
This is probably due to the amount he/she would earn when he/she wins a trophy and do their country proud. For example, Michael Phelps, took drugs in the Olympics in February 2009 and was suspended.The other corruption in sports can also be bribery. This also happens as some of the Athletes are tempted of the money they would be given as a 'gift' and thus accepting this bribery to make a certain game lose or win.

Overpaying athletes leads to high ambitions among coaches and parent. In the end, a talented/gifted child will suffer
Parents are usually the ones who keep the money for the child. The coaches are another person who are hired to coach the gifted child. They might probably earn more money if their student wins a certain game. Thus, once the child who wins a certain game earns alot of money, the parents or coaches would be more tempted in the sense that they could receive more money. Hence, they will probably put the child in a worse state by putting him into more training which would cause the child to suffer. However, since these athletes have to retire some other time as a result of their age, what is the whole point of starting to train these young athletes when they were born. These all is the results of the temptation of the parents.

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