Saturday 17 November 2012

Chalara Dieback by Zhi Gang o-o
News Review:
Recently, there have been findings of a disease that once had spreaded and infected most of the continent in Eastern Europe over 2 decades in 1992. The disease, Chalara Dieback, is known to come from a fungus, Chalara fraxinea fungus. This deadly disease was found to have infected 115 sites in England, Wales and Scotland. The government are worried that the Dieback disease would threaten the UK’s ash as the spores of the fungus could be blow across the mainland Europe. Although it was shown that it is impossible to eradicate this disease, the government came to the decision of removing or destroying the diseased tree. However the mature trees are not removed due to the fact that it would affect the the trees would be important for the wildlife.
I feel that the government should come out with the antidote to treat the disease as a matter of fact that it had once strike the continent before in 1992. Although removing the trees or destroying them would help in the situation, the disease might once again spread. Moreover, the removal of the trees would also result in the increase in the rate of Global Warming which is harmful for the Earth we live in. Thus, I hope that they would be able to find the cure for these Dieback soon and hope that they would be able to eradicate this disease before it spreads further again.

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