Friday 29 August 2014

A Grim Future for Tropical Forests by ZhiGang

Summary: Tropical forests harbor more than half of the world’s species found on land. A new study reveals that continued deforestation and logging, coupled with the effects of global warming, will devastate these precious tropical environments with the plants and animals that live there by the end of the century. Clear-cutting forested land destroys the environment totally, wiping out the homes and food sources for the animals that lived there. The effects of logging and climate change are more subtle, but still poignant.

Opinion: In my opinion, I feel that Man are irresponsible. They have been cutting down trees in the forests has destroyed the environment totally. They say that they want to save the environment, save the planet, but these actions are terrible. Like Indonesia have been burning down forests for agriculture. Perhaps they want to make a living, but as they grow crops, these lands become infertile, barren and becomes impossible for reforestation. Even worse, this results in the haze of neighboring countries.

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