Thursday 28 August 2014

National Day PM Lee Speech By: Carlenko Wang

The Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has emphasized the need of economic growth as well as a cultural change to help Singaporeans achieve their potential in the National Day Rally . Mr. Lee sketched how Singaporeans can attain success through different routes, regardless of their academic qualification. He also announced the policy enhancements to the national saving scheme. The scheme is to commemorate the pioneer generation’ contributions to the development of Singapore. He said they wrote the opening chapters of the Singapore Story. Mr. Lee pointed out that Singapore's physical transformation has been remarkable. One ambitious future transformation being planned is at the Jurong Lake District, which will bring together the Jurong Lake Park, and the Chinese and Japanese Gardens.
In my opinion, the National Day Rally is rich in information and raised different ideas of how to be a successful Singaporean. Regardless of one’s paper qualification, one can develop himself and put himself to his limits through different careers. Since last 49 years, some critics argue that one can never have a bright future in an academically-driven society in Singapore. This Rally has rebutted these views by showing off different case of being successful through other alternatives, apart from academic aspect. I believe it is a drastic progress as Singapore has become a land of success to many people. We need to keep up with the international economy pace so as to attain more and more progresses. 

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