Saturday 30 August 2014

PM Lee's National Day Message 2014 by Ki Eunyu

PM Lee's National Day Message 2014

Summary: PM Lee mentioned that Singapore has been progressing. This was due to the efforts of the pioneers who brought Singapore up from third country to the first. More schemes have been made to help them. More schemes are made for the life after retirement. He also mentioned that everyone has opportunity to succeed in Singapore's system. Education is very important. Along with education, social values to not to judge a person by education qualifications is important. The bonds between Singaporeans must be strong. Singapore will continue to progress on with all the people working together.

Opinion: I felt that although I am not Singaporean, this speech was meaningful as it showed how system in Singapore continues to progress with new ideas and plans. I felt that it was good for Singapore to recognise talents not just based on academics. This way Signapore will be able to progress on more as different areas are getting developed well. 

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