Friday 29 August 2014

Singapore reaches out to Indonesian travellers with new campaign by ZhiGang

Summary: The new campaign has been launched in Jakarta by the Singapore Tourism Board and like its predecessors, it is focused on tailoring and delivering experiences that are based on a deeper understanding of consumer means in key visitor-source markets. Many Indonesians travel abroad for differentiated lifestyle needs such as shopping, entertainment, attractions and dining. A majority are free and independent travelers who are familiar with nearby city destinations and are particularly drawn to new experiences. 

Opinion: In my opinion, I feel proud of Singapore as my country. I am happy with the management of the country by the government. To improve her economics, she reached out to countries to form a strong relationship with them and as well as to promote the country through tourism, jobs. This has brought in an overwhelming tourists, investors, foreign workers into Singapore because they understand that Singapore is a multi-racial society and country with a stable economic.

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