Saturday 2 August 2014

Is Singapore soil fertile for creativity?

Singapore’s pursuit for innovation within organizations has been blocked by the structure of the organization ,the mindset of its leader or within the culture itself. The expectation of creativity is an obstacle. Such obstacles are not confined to Asian but also oversea companies. Aversion to failure can also be the barrier for innovation. Yet, despite the factors that seem to weigh against innovation in Asia and Singapore, there is evidence to suggest things may be moving in a different direction. It may be just a matter of putting in place processes that will encourage a greater spirit of creativity, thus fuelling innovation.
In my opinion: To cultivate an innovative culture, we need to re-engineer our educational system. It takes at least ten to fifteen years to develop a nation of innovative thinkers and actors. What the government should do is to introduce a Subject from Primary School up on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and assess and select talented students to be upgraded to a Secondary-level " School of Innovation and Global Entrepreneurship" with the help of private sector business leaders' active involvements.The 30 000 Teachers Workforce is not cut out to perform should functions. 

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