Saturday 23 August 2014

National Day PM Lee Speech By: Sherman Teo

The government is putting more and more effort into Singapore's education system in Polytechnics and ITE. These school have top class facilities for both students and educators alike. He mentioned that the education system in Singapore does not just revolve around the fact that we have to get degrees from universities to get good jobs. He had shown many people who had successful careers even without a degree. Many of them had clinched a top earning job despite their achievements in the academics. This then allowed the Prime Minister to state the point that we should work for a achievement or goal job which we would like rather than working in a condition which we do not like.
In my opinion, I believe that what the Prime Minister had stated is true because there are many people who do not have top qualifications but they can also make a very large contribution. This is mainly because the person has the desire and passion for the job. With desire and passion together with hard work, we will be able to achieve anything and everything. Academics may sometimes not be everything to our future jobs but rather, our passion determines what happens and what we pursue.

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