Sunday 27 July 2014

can GM food can help africa? by demi tay

summary : If there is one place on earth where farmers have it hard, it is sub-Saharan Africa.
Some 80 children live here, many of them are orphans and budgets are extremely tight.The school is struggling to cope. Staff are worried that, soon, they will be unable to feed the kids.The diet could hardly be more basic. At breakfast time the kids tuck into porridge made of maize flour.When you see children picking away at the arid, red, African soil with the most rudimentary tools, it is clear that African agriculture can use all the help it can getThe trouble is that the price of the maize has gone up three fold in a year.Most people are farmers, but not for profit - to survive. Africa is the one continent that cannot feed itself.It is a field trial. The plants have been genetically modified to withstand a deadly fungal infection which kills plants and destroys yields.
The promise of a home-grown African solution drives the scientists here.
in my opinion, i feel that gm food can greatly help african.This is because gm food are insect resistance and would not die off easily.This can increase the farmers crop yield to a larger extent.Due to this increase in the productivity i can allow them to sell the crops and make money and feed on the crops to survive.This can definitely help afica. However gm food require a large amount of fertilizer which is expensive.Therefore i feel that other country should help out by providing some financial assistance to african.If other country are willingly to help out i am sure that starvation and malnutrition would be greatly reduce in African.

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