Tuesday 15 April 2014

Allow pre-school teachers ‘more frequent breaks'- Ryan


Summary: Pre-school teacher should get at least a 15 minute breaks every four hours of work which they does not get as much now. When an expert was interviewed, she mention that through her research of pre-school educators, most of them felt exhausted. In a workshop, a doctor who has been involved in the pre-school sectors in quite a few countries said that most of the countries outside Singapore would take 15-20 min off after four hours of close work with children.

Opinion: In my opinion, government should not only focus on primary school and onwards education but also on pre-school education as now pre-school are more part of the education system. Since pre-school is more part of the education system, government should implement such policy that allows all pre-school educators to have a break from the children after spent long hours with them. People may think taking care of young children may not be tiring than the other level of school but in fact it's very tiring.  they would require breaks,such breaks would than allow educators to rest and after resting could be better at taking care of those children.

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