Wednesday 16 April 2014

Are celebrities good role models? By JunTian

Summary: Celebrity role models such as Miley Cyrus are leaving schoolgirls “manipulated and confused" by sending out mixed messages, a headmistress has warned. Stars risk leading children astray by launching themselves with clean-cut images before reinventing themselves as controversial and raunchy performers, it was claimed. Jo Heywood, head of all-girl Heathfield School in Ascot, said that it was hoped that the Olympics would provide teenage girls with a new generation of role models “recognised for their achievements rather than their looks”. These sportswomen stood for - hard work, sacrifice and achievement. They were clear-cut role models for young women to look up to and they did so. However, young women are now being manipulated and confused by potential role models.

Opinion: I feel that celebrities should watch their behavior and what they do or say as many look up to them role models. This especially so for teenagers who are still not so mature and cannot make proper judgement. If their idols behave in controversial ways, they might feel that it is right to behave that way too. Therefore, not all celebrities are good role models for teenagers. On the other hand, sportswomen are good role model as they teach teenage girls that not everything is superficial. True success comes from hard work and determination. These sportswomen also reduce the superficial and materialistic mindset teenagers might have. Thus, they are good role models.


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