Saturday 26 April 2014

Foreigners views on Singapore education- Yvelyn Koh


Summary: Some foreign families would choose to enrol their children into international schools while some prefers Singapore public schools. One factor that parents wants their child to be in a Singapore school is because the school fee is much cheaper than international schools. International schools yearly school fees is about $25,000 to $40,000. However, Singapore schools is no way better. These families thinks that Singapore education system take grades too highly, ranking each student individually and their child is unable to cope with that. All parents only want their children to be happy in school, in life. Many foreigner families prefer international school as their perception still exists, that Singapore education is too tough to handle. Regardless, some parents hope that their child could really be part of Singapore and they do not want to pay large sum of money every year just for education.

Opinion: I think that every parents have their own rights to choose which school they want to enrol their child in, as long as they know which choice is the best for the child. Singapore have a tough and stressful education, and rank students on their grades. However, this is just to ensure that students will work hard and compete with their peers, to get better results. International school may have a lighter load of education as compared to Singapore, but do the students there really learn? Or are they just listening?

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