Saturday 5 April 2014

S’pore Pupils Top Tests, Score Higher In Reasoning- Ki Eunyu

S’pore Pupils Top Tests, Score Higher In Reasoning
Summary: In international bench-marking studies, Singapore has emerged as a top few for mathematics, science and literary subjects. The students who do not excel in academics have also shown improvements. The main reason for this success was Singapore's education system which not taught mere learning and memorising of the subject but more of application of their skills. Another reason would be MOE's policy of trimming syllabus to develop critical thinking skills in the students and give them chance to learn more actively and less dependent on teachers.

Opinion: I feel that the policy that MOE adopted is very successful and should be carried on. The critical thinking and applying skills will be able to help the students even when they grow up. The trimming of syllabus will also give the students less stress and pressure, enabling them to have a passion towards learning.

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