Wednesday 16 April 2014

Effects of Celebrity role models on kids and teens Ki Eunyu

Effects of celebrity role models on kids and teens

Summary: Celebrities have many impacts on lives of teenagers amd children. The influence may be negative or positive. Parents should ensure that their children do not get influenced negatively and should seek help and talk to them if their children behave in a unusual manner so that they will know what is right and wrong.

Opinion: I feel that nowadays, as technology develops,  we will be able to know what our favoured celebrity is doing and be informed of every action they do. One should not blindly follow what they do and think before they carry out and action. Celebrities should also be careful of their actions and try their best to establish positive examples as even their smallest action may become a huge influence to their fan's life. Parents should carefully monitor them and ensure that they do not follow undesired examples such as drugs. Teenagers should not lower their self esteem by comparing themselves to the celebrities.

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