Friday 25 April 2014

Overseas Learning Experiences for Students- Ki Eunyu

Overseas Learning Experiences for Students

Summary(based on part 1 of the article): The main aim of overseas learning programmes is to enable students to be in link internationally, know the issues in this world. Schools believe that upon experiencing overseas programmes, students will be able to become a better leader, become more independent and understand more about culture of other countries. Overseas programme will also develop maturity and social skills among students as they face and solve problems in the unfamiliar environment, out of their comfort zone. The programme also benefits the school community as each student will prepare for success for the international world.

Opinion: I feel that overseas programmes are quite important in schools. Overseas programmes will be different from ordinary family holidays as students will be involved in experiences that they will not be able to experience in ordinary holidays such as being involved in schools of other countries and get exposure to their culture. Students will also learn values such as care and respect in that country. The learning will be very different and students will be able to appreciate their system. This way, students will be connected globally and become a more active international citizen.

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