Friday 25 April 2014

Speech by Ms Grace Fu, MOE, at the Learning Journeys Appreciation Ceremony on 28th August 2008- Ryan

Summary: The oversea learning journey programme was first launch in 1998.At the time, the main aim of Learning Journeys was to instil pride about Singapore’s achievements in our students. It would not have been able to be like now without partnership and commitment over the years, from 20 in the past to 50 now in the present. With globalisation, Singaporeans now have more opportunities to live, work, and study abroad. Hence, it is increasingly important to foster in our young an emotional attachment to Singapore, no matter where they live, or however long they are away from Singapore.

Opinion: In my opinion, this programme have come a long way and whenever there is any opportunities student should cherish it. This programme would always educate student about how they should feel about Singapore and at the same time allow student to have a broader view of the world outside of Singapore.

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