Saturday 19 July 2014

Baby Technology By: Sherman Teo

Baby with smartphones Babies may feel more comfortable about new technologies than their parents. The makers of one wearable - currently taking pre-orders from US customers - are offering exactly that scenario. The Mimo Baby Monitor is an all-in-one baby-grow suit with a slot on its front to which a data-collecting plastic turtle plugs in. Mimo Baby Monitor Mimo's "smart baby monitor" gathers data via a sensor-equipped plug-in turtle. It takes similar readings to Owlet's product, beaming the results to concerned parents via Bluetooth and wi-fi. And there are some who are concerned such manufacturers are playing on parental paranoia. This can lead to some expensive purchasing mistakes, she adds. From a paediatric perspective, there appears to be pros and cons to integrating technology with parenting and infants. It has helped raise money for projects, including Smart Diapers - a nappy that aims to warn of developing urinary tract infections, despite warnings from Dr Laurent and others that the system might lead parents to make unnecessary trips to their doctor.

In my opinion, I believe that baby tech can be good however, it may also harm the babies due to the lack of testing on some of these devices. Such lack of testing will then cause the baby harm instead of their original purpose which is to make the baby's life easier and their parent's life difficult. Sometimes such technology also do not give us accurate results because they are not extremely advanced. however, some of these technology have helped out the parents by finding out and displaying the baby's vital systems and whether the baby is ok to their parents.

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