Sunday 27 July 2014

singapore education PISA test by demi tay

summary: Singapore’s 15-year-olds excel in thinking flexibly and creatively to solve complex and unfamiliar problems.according to the 2012 PISA findings, our students are innovative, are able to handle uncertainty, and dare to experiment with alternative solutions.The strong performance of our students reflects our curricular emphasis and our schools’ efforts in developing problem solving skills in our students.The results of PISA 2012 show that Singapore has one of the deepest and widest talent pools of students who have the ability to apply thinking skills effectively to solve problems.PISA study shows that our students perform very well in both the knowledge acquisition processes (exploring and understanding, representing and formulating) and the knowledge utilisation processes 

i feel happy that our country has excel in the pisa test.This shown that our students are able to solve problems and not just memorize and don't know how to apply.However,i feel that singapore education can be further improved.firstly, MOE should give more test that test on the skills rather on content work.This can better allow our students to learn how to apply knowledge to a greater length.secondly, i feel that MOE should allow learning to take place outside of classroom.This can allow students to understand better and absorbed better.

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