Tuesday 15 July 2014

Migrant workers in Singapore by Carlenko Wang

Singapore’s foreign worker policies has increasingly challenged by the low-skilled foreign workers, whether it is in the form of Strike in 2012 or Riot in 2013.The foreign workers, who are 15% of the population of Singapore, are driven by the economic attraction of Singapore. They can neither change job nor request the state distributing resources to them. As such, they become a major headache of the government. There are restriction of agents and monitor of payment of wages so as to ensure the worker’s right when money-related issues arise.

In my opinion, the government should mainly focus on the population problems so as to resolve the problem sources of immigrant policies. As long as we have enough local talented, we do not need to put so much effort in attracting the foreign workers. However, the process of conducting the solution of population problems takes a lot of time .We need to face the fact as well as to struggle to remove the source of immigration issues

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