Wednesday 23 July 2014

Learning for life, the Finnish way By Carlenko Wang

Unlike Singapore, most developed countries with good education systems do not have private tuition at large .Character develop programmes are treated as a choice as to whether students want to be part of them. Their understanding of exams is not about memorising but to test understanding and ability to apply knowledge. The fact that Finland education does not have major exams every few years, Finnish educators can tailor lessons according to pupils’ pace of learning, allocating time for field trips and frequent group activities.
In my opinions, other countries’ education system may not apply to the scenario that Singapore facing today. After all, the only way to keep the survival of economy Singapore is to use talented elites to develop the country. Singapore does not have rich natural resources, thus deciding that our education system is unique .I believe that we should keep our major way of improving students—examination as well as find better alternatives to enhance Singapore’s education.

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