Friday 25 July 2014

Singapore’s environmental issues in 2013 by JunTian

Summary: Singapore's priority and challenge will be in inculcating more socially gracious attitudes among Singaporeans and also methods to cope with a potential sea—level rise. National water agency PUB has also been making preparations for rainy days and the monsoon season, such as widening drainage and installing closed—circuit cameras (CCTVs). Singapore aims to be "water independent" by ramping up land catchment areas and building more Newater plants. Singapore’s first water agreement with Malaysia expired in 2010 and the second one is due to expire in 2061. In addition, the ministry and its statutory boards will take a tougher stand on littering. The Home Affairs Ministry will be installing CCTVs in almost every block for for surveillance, and the National Environment Agency (NEA) will ride on this technology to catch high—rise litterbugs. As penalties increase, 2013 will also see stepped up enforcement, including giving citizens the power to take action against those who litter.
NEA will start a course next year, which will be very similar to the same course NEA officers go through, before they’re issued with warrant cards to take action if need be, when a minority of people litter, or act irresponsibly in our environment.

Opinion: I feel that everyone have a role to play when it comes to our environment, especially Singaporeans. Singapore is reputed for being a Garden City, and every citizen have the responsibility to keep it this way. Therefore, I feel that the NEA new initiative of allowing citizens to step up and stop others from littering is very good. Also, more should be done to teach people about conserving water so that we will not have to produce so much water.

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