Saturday 12 July 2014

Why do families kill their daughters by ZhiGang


Honor killing is the killing of a member of a family who is perceived to have brought dishonor upon relatives. But killings can be carried out for more trivial reasons, like dressing in a way deemed inappropriate or displaying behaviour seen as disobedient. Men may also be targeted, by members of the family of a woman with whom they are perceived to have had an inappropriate relationship. The killings are also more prevalent in disenfranchised or remote communities.


In my opinion, I feel that such a practice is sick. Despite it is taken as honorable, such a practice is stupid. Everyone have a choice to choose their future partners for it concerns their lifetime happiness. If they marry people they do not like, it is considered a ‘shotgun marriage’ and such a marriage would not last. Families kill their family member for disgracing their family reputation and it is a disgrace to see that they care the name than their child.

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