Saturday 12 July 2014

Little India riot: The dog that did not bark by ZhiGang


In the aftermath of the Little India riot, the focus and dominant narrative, unsurprisingly, have been on law and order issues. The Government is also emphatic that the riot did not signal local-foreign resentment. Foreign labour comprises almost 40 per cent of our 3.45 million workforce. Hence, it is imperative that we work resolutely towards enhancing the working and living conditions for migrant workers, including the regulatory environment that governs them. The labour movement must step up and protect foreign workers.

In my opinion, I feel that even though the Little India riot happened, we should put it behind us. After all, what happened had already happened and it would create tension if we bring it up again. Since Singapore is a multi-racial society, we should not stir tension between the races so that can living together in harmony. Despite what has been done during the Little India riot, we should think positively for we do not create local-foreign resentment.

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