Friday 25 July 2014

Is Singapore the worst environmental offender?

Summary: A study by NUS which ranked Singapore as the worst environmental offender among 179 countries. Study shown that Singapore modernisation had taken a terrible toll on its natural environment. The study is a little unfair as it's base on total land area which Singapore have a limited area. While Singapore fared poorly in terms of proportional environmental impact, it is too small to figure in terms of global or absolute environmental impact. For that, the 10 worst countries are: Brazil, the United States, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, India, Russia, Australia and Peru. Singapore has taken environmental issue seriously since it's independence.

Opinion:  study should be done a little more fairly such that smaller country like Singapore wouldn't be at an unfair situation and that it's an equally fair for the others country. Singapore also is making efforts on tackling environmental problems such as reducing Singapore's carbon emission amount.

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