Tuesday 15 July 2014

Protect genetic Biodiversity by Carlenko Wang

Forest ecosystems, which is identified as the essential refuges for biodiversity ,are now facing challenges from human activities and climate change .Governments of 86 countries are criticized as their inefficient and tangible policies do not fulfill the criteria of protecting the forest genetic resources, according to the United Nation. To address the biodiversity issues which is related to our food, agriculture and forestry and essential sustainability are alerted to deal with .Steps are taken so as to resolve the forest genetic resources issues.

In my opinion, the protection of the ecosystems should be well conducted by both the state and the public. If we leave the issue alone, it will become a system which no longer has various species to maintain the biodiversity. The direct consequence will be the development of the agriculture .The agriculture has long been humans’ headache due to its disabilities of supplying sufficient food to the mankind. If we neglect this issue, our current food problems will no doubt become more serious .In order to build a better future which we expected, we shall take actions to deal with forest protection now.

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