Thursday 10 July 2014

GM foods feed the world by Zoslyn


Summary : Africa is in a state whereby almost everyone is suffering from hunger. It is a continent that cannot feed itself. Even the farmers in Africa is unable to feed themselves, and that they grow their crops not for profit but for survival. Many children also suffer from malnutrition due to the lack of food and vitamins that their body needs. Thus, in order to increase the amount of food consumption in the country, genetically modified (GM) food is the solutions to help solve the problem. That is why the government is spending millions of dollars trying to develop Drought Resistant Maize.

Opinion : In my opinion, I feel that the introduction of GM food is a good idea for the less developed countries. GM food such as rice contains more vitamin A than rice that are not genetically modified. Also, vitamin A helps to prevent blindness which is important for one person sight,  as well as, lesser people suffering from malnutrition. Thus, more people will be healthy enough to get a better job for themselves. Hence, they will have a better standard of living and greater affordability to afford food for themselves. Also, I feels that other method such as getting aid from neighboring countries can also help solve the food shortage of the country if the GM plan fails, at least there is still a backup plan.

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