Wednesday 27 February 2013

Social Media by Zhi Gang

With more advancement in Sciences and Technology, people would be able to send a message just by simply using their smart phones rather than having the trouble to write a letter and send to people which would take a few days.

Social Media is also one of the advancement in the Technology whereby people gets to interact with one another through a series of online tools or website. Social Media requires a mobile technology that creates an interactive platform for people to share and communicate with one another. People depends on these Social Media website due to the convenience and fast brought about. People can chat through messenger and does not need to use letters which would take a few days to receive a reply.

However, due to the increase in Social Media, they begin to abuse what the usage of such media. On the other hand, people can also get exposed to online sexual predators, alcohol, tobacco and even sexual behaviors - especially children since they are starting to use Social Media Sites at such a young age. Face to face interaction will also decrease as more and more people prefer to use the internet. Although Social Media Sites has its good and bad. I feel that one should take self-control and use these Social Media Sites wisely due to its positive aspects and not abused it.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

School asks: Gifted or just well-prepared? by Zhi Gang

Summary: In the New York City, the Education Department are finalizing whether to change the part of its admission exam for the Gifted and Talented Program. The Education Department were concerned about the definition of Giftedness being affected. This is because, parents are giving their children test preparation for the admission exam for the Gifted and Talented Program so that their children would be able qualify for a seat.

Opinion:  In my opinion, i think that there is a reason for everything people does. New York has a high population and thus the number of people competing for a job is a lot. Hence, parents wants to cultivate their children from a young age so that their children would be able to get a better job and gain a foothold in society.

Monday 18 February 2013