Friday 22 November 2013

More Tools To Boost Bilingual Learning by JunTian

Summary: More resources will be implemented to improve bilingualism education in Singapore. The Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism announced that will fund 10 proposals that support the learning of English and mother tongue. The fund will pump in about $1.6 million to develop these projects over the next two years. 10 applications have been chosen based on their relevance and how much they can benefit the larger community. Many of the selections also have a “local flavour”. These applications are in the forms of books or musics. Ms Sim Ann, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Communications and Information, said there is a limited pool of resources that improve bilingual learning because “not many countries…devote as much attention to bilingualism”. The fund was set up by former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew in November last year. It has since raised $119 million in donations.

Opinion: I feel that the Ministry of Education as well as the Lee Kuan Yew Fund have done a lot to improve bilingual education for Singaporeans. This is very important for students in order to get a better command of both English as well as their mother tongue. English is the international language of communication while mother tongue binds students to their 'roots'. Thus, it is important that they are good in both. These apps also have strong local context so that students can learn the languages in a more comfortable way, at the same time identifying the problems in our society, or what is good about it.

Thursday 21 November 2013

Teen gets probation for cheating over S$10,800 in blogshop scam by JunTIan

Summary: A 17-year girl has been placed on 36 months probation for cheating $10800 from more than 100 people through her blogshop scam on Facebook. She created a bogus Facebook page, pretending to sell items including polaroid cameras, contact lenses and shoes. After searching online for pictures of these products, she will display them and claim  to be selling them. When the date of delivery comes, she will deactivate the page  to escape being caught. Besides cheating online, she have also been arrested for theft. However, the court have decided to be slightly more lenient due to her age, and because she have  shown signs of remorse.

Opinion: After reading the article, I was really shocked to find out that there are teenagers that actually cheated others of so much money. I feel that there are many of these teenagers in the society that needs guidance and help, or they will continue doing the wrong things. This might be due to bad influence, or they might be mistaken in their thinking. I hope that after this incident, other teenagers will be warned, and not do the same thing again.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Emissions of CO2 Driving Rapid Oceans 'Acid Trip' by ZhiGang

Oceans Becoming Acidic? Why?
The world's ocean are becoming acidic at an 'unprecedented rate' and may be souring more rapidly than at any time in the past 300million years. Studies have shown that the ocean will reach 170% acidity by year 2100. The effect of acidity is currently being felt most in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. These chilly waters hold more CO2 and increasing levels of the gas are turning them acidic than the rest of the world. The effects are already visible.

In my opinion, I feel that Man should step forward and do something to rescue our planet. Global warming had been last year, and now with ocean acidity. I really hope that Man should realize what they have done, exploiting our planet off her resources, damaging her. It is really time for us to grit our teeth and save our planet, our only home. If we don't do something, Earth will be razed by us, so let us save our planet together.

Nasa's Maven Mars Mission Launches by ZhiGang

Nasa's Maven mission 

Maven is sending $631m orbiter to space for studies on Mar's high atmosphere. There have been evidence of the red planet getting robbed off its air due to low air pressure. The orbiter will be sent on a 10-month cruise to acquire more information on the climate of Mars. Studies have found out that sun's influence had been responsible for the different rates of air molecules today. Maven is studying it today is so that they can understand extrapolate it back in time.

In my opinion, I am glad that Man are doing steps to find another suitable planet in case our current home, Earth, becomes unfit for human life. Also, through finding out more about Mars, Man are trying to think of a way to revert Mars to it previous state when it is warmer and wetter which is more suitable for habitable life compared to today. I hope Man will not exploit Earth of her resources even if there might be a new planet suitable for us.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Future Fuels by ZhiGang

Future Fuels

Researchers at US lab found a new step to achieve their final goal of using cheap renewable sources of energy. The latest achievement is harnessing fusion, the process of the Sun which provides an unlimited and cheap source of energy. The whole process makes use of heating solid hydrogen and result in a high compression which will result in nuclear fusion. Latest experiments agree well with predictions of energy output, which provide a welcome boost to ignition research.


In my opinion, I think that finding a new renewable source of energy is a great success. Recent years, the rate of global warming is on the climb. Therefore, finding a cheaper and renewable source of energy will reduce the amount of carbon footprint in the environment. To date, we have been finding ways to reduce the amount of carbon emission to the environment. If the experiment proves to be a great success, we are able to save the earth in time before it is too late.

Monday 4 November 2013

Cyber Bullying By: Sherman Teo

It's impossible to comprehend another human being, let alone a child, sending such hateful messages to another person. They were sent to 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick, who ultimately jumped to her death in September, he said. The messages didn't come via the social networking sites many of us are familiar with: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They were sent via newer, lesser-known social applications called and Kik, according to Judd.

In my opinion, I believe that students are nowadays bullying others and these bullies need to taught a lesson. Bullies are getting more and more tech-savvy as they hide behind computers to attack someone. This will then make the victims sad and sometimes hurt. However, there are also the extremes where someone will kill himself to escape from being bullied. With this, it shows that we are taking each other's lives too lightly and that every small action which we do will have disastrous consequences. We should always care for others and beware what we post online.