Sunday 31 March 2013

Concern Over Singapore's Instant-Generation o-o by Zhi Gang

Summary: Parents and governments are getting more concern over increasing pampered teenagers among the country. Nowadays, research has shown that one in every seven families has a foreign maid who is at teenager's beck and call. Children who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth or has a car to bring them about. Singapore youths have to and not be over-reliant at such an early age.
 Opinion: In my opinion, I feel that one should be independent. One should not be over-reliant on a maid or their parents who are their beck and calls. Teenagers have to start to understand the fact that they have to enter the work force, by then they would not be able to ask their parents or maids to help them. They have to take care of their parents by them and have to hold a responsibility for their own family. Thus, teenagers should start to think straight and should be self-dependent starting from now.

China Officials Caught Dying Grass By: Sherman Teo


In China, Chengdu's officials hit upon an easy solution to cheer up their city's appearance by painting the grassy verges of the city's roads with a fluorescent green spray. According to Top Green's website, the color lasts for ten to 14 weeks. Residents found the dye also turned their shoes green when they walked across the grass patches. A chemical solution called Top Green Turf Greening Agent is absolutely not poisonous. It is just a green dye which they have been selling to the Chengdu government for five or six years.


I believe that what the government is doing is wrong and should not be supported by the locals. If the government wants to create a better image of themselves to the world, they should have bought new patches of grass and replant them. This may be a slow process but it shows the world that they are eco friendly and are supporting the movement to save the earth. Even thought they stated that the products do not harm the grasses, they should not use it over excessively or else it could lead to consequences that we did not even think anout.

Little Emperor In China By: Sherman Teo


For Chinese, children are an extension to the family line. On the other hand, American parents will usually nurture their child’s individual ambition and talent. The upper class Chinese parents are described to be over-protective, refusing to even consider the possibility of failure or adversity for their child.  ‘Little emperor syndrome’ is a social phenomenon in China attributed to the one-child during the Cultural Revolution. Chinese parents too hope their child succeeds, but what they really want is for their cute and dependent child to be always so.

In my opinion, I believe that this is all because the parents are pampering their children too much. Some of the Chinese parents cannot accept the fact of their child failing a single test. In China, there are families that only have one child therefore treating them as the emperor and allowing them to do whatever they wish.

Why Chinese Mothers Are Better By: Sherman Teo


Chinese parents amaze people by how they produce such stereotypically successful kids. They produce so many math whizzes and music prodigies. Some of the things which Chinese mothers do not allow their child to attend a sleepover, have a playdate, be in a school play, watch TV or play computer games and get any grade less than an A. The fact is that Chinese parents can do things that would seem unimaginable.

In my opinion, I believe that Chinese mothers are better because they are firm in whatever that they do with their children. They too, put in a lot of trust into their child and once that trust is being broken, they can never fix it back. Chinese mothers also do not believe in something called pure natural talent. They think that everyone should be able to achieve about the same results if they work hard for it.

Singapore's Instant Noodle Generation By: Sherman Teo


Singaporeans are voicing out over what they think is increasing laziness among the country’s teenager.  This is an attitude cultivated in Singapore's first generation because of their parent’s wealth. Singaporean parents demand a say in everything from dating to the courteous use of mobile phones. Many people take this positively and say the children are studying harder therefore has lesser time to carry out tasks therefore; the maid is there to help them out. Many say these youngsters are a by-product of Singapore's driven society.


In my opinion, I think that we are getting more and more dependent on maids to carry out daily tasks and chores for us. I believe that most of us hired maids to help them out with housework as both our parents are working. Parents are also controlling the youths too much nowadays therefore making the youth dependent on their parents whenever they meet trouble. Singaporeans are called instant noodles generation because they are always ready to go and need someone to support them.

Thursday 28 March 2013

China officials caught dyeing grass!!

Summary: Chengdu's officials found an easy way to beauty their city by spraying green dye on to the yellow grasses. The chemical solution called Top Green Turf Greening Agent. The dye used is environmental friendly as is not toxic and have been selling for at least five or six years. the dyes are sold to government clients and golf courses. The colour lasts for ten to 14 weeks and is not washed away by the rain. Even mountains have been painted green in order to seem verdant from the air.

opinion: I think that the government should not spent money on something such as beauty the country as they can spent the money on education purpose. If the government wants to beauty the country they should do it using the natural method.

Friday 8 March 2013

Social media by demitay

A super fast broadband street box is being installed in Bangor as a part of the program to ensure all parts of wares can access faster in internet speed.super fast Cymru funded by UK and welsh government with BT, aims to ensure places that do not currently nhave broadband can access it .the super broad band will launch as early as spring.This project aims to boost economy .engineers will lay around 17500km of the optical fibre cable and install around 3000 new fibre broadband cabinets in street across wares to increase speeds and benefit homes and business.this project can create 2,500 full time job and a massive contribution to economy growth.
I my opinion , I think that this broadband should be install in Singapore not only it can boost economy of Singapore to greater heights it can also increase Internet speed in the country.more people will have a job.therefore result lesser people needing financial assistance .this can safe up a lot of money and can use the money to meet the nations future needs.

Social Media by Ryan

Summary:Social media refers to the means of interaction among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideals in virtual community and networks. As time goes technology are getting better, with better technology, the use of social media also increase due to the convenience the technology gives. With it more people are using the social media more stuff can happen whether is it good or bad.

Opinion: I think that social media have both pro and cons. social media allows people to share their views photo and so on online at the same times it allows people who uses the social media for bad things easy to prey on their target.

Sunday 3 March 2013

Social Media by Sherman Teo

Social media is getting more and more popular in society nowadays. There a millions of people who have active social media accounts. Social media is now a worldwide trend and many people around the world are using it. Social media such as Facebook or Twitter has allowed people to better communicate with each other. Even though social media may be fun and interactive, it may cause plenty of harm to innocent people online. People interact with others online without knowing their identities and therefore scams will start to come up.
I think that social media has its pros and cons. Social media enables people to be able to communicate more easily and they do not need a direct meet up with each other. This also cause may people to fight with each other in real life or they will start to cyber bully each other. In Canada, there are many cases of people getting cyber bullied through social media websites therefore leading to her death.

Friday 1 March 2013

Social Media by Jun Tian

In recent years, the number of people with a ‘social life’ had shot up very quickly. With 1.06 billion active Facebook users and more than 200 million Twitter users world-wide, it is no surprise that teenagers make up a big portion of these numbers. Social network allows them to get a ‘life-update’ of what their friends are doing, and even international news as soon as they are publicized. Therefore, social media is often seen as something beneficial, and the number favorite source of news and also a tool of communication for teenagers.
On the flip side, social media are increasingly being abused. Many individuals have been using them as a way to get their evil intentions done. For example, a group of teenagers may use social networks to post rumors and photos of another person to defame him or her. There are also several cases of scam carried out online where people pay heavy sums to purchase ‘branded goods’, but received nothing in the end.
Therefore, as we enjoy the benefits of this brilliant invention, we must always be wary and always take note of our behavior online.

School asks: Gifted or just well-prepared? by Jun Tian

Summary: Parents are now sending their children to attend programs to help them prepare for pre-school tests that will determine if they make it to the gifted class. Parents see it as a must for their children to be in the gifted classes as they feel that it is more beneficial, and certainly reflect better on their children. Therefore, their children are sent to attend such courses to help them to be more prepared. However, over the years, there are more cases of these “gifted” students dropping out of the course they are put into because of the test. It becomes evident that they were in the class only because they were prepared for it, and not because they were really gifted. The number of children making it to the gifted course have also increased by several times, showing that the test is becoming quite useless as a gauge of a student’s true ability. The private school association is also looking into the matter now.
Opinion: I feel that this situation is not only found in the New York City, but also in most major countries including Singapore. Parents are afraid that their children might lose out to their peers, and are therefore sending them to lots of classes and courses. This however may not be the best solution since students may become over dependent, and in the future they might not be able to handle the fact that they no longer have help, affecting their results.

LiveStock Virus IN Farms by Zhi Gang
Summary: In England and Wales, and in North Ireland, a virus has been detected in 1,531 farms, in cattle, sheep, alpacas and goats. This virus is found to be spread by insects bites by midges or mosquitoes. This disease cause fever, reduced milk yields and loss of appetite in adult cattle. It may also lead to birth defects and stillbirths in newborn sheep, cattle and goats.
Opinion: Although I understand that the England has made a vaccine for the virus but it has not been approved, I think that the government should take actions as quickly as possible. This is because, the virus will affect the farmers in England who depends on these animals to earn money for their livelihood. However, I am not saying that they should take quick actions but without taking any safety measures. The vaccine must not be harmful to our body when we eat these animals, if not our health affected from it.