Monday 30 June 2014

Baby tech: Will new gadgets result in paranoid parents? by Ki Eunyu

Baby tech: Will new gadgets result in paranoid parents?

Summary: Nowadays, as technology is developing many  digital baby products are also being developed. Many apps and devices have been made to know the conditions of the baby better. Some of them include Owlet Smart Sock which the parent will know the state of the baby through the app connected to the sock of the baby. These kind of devices may be helpful but parents should think carefully before buying such things as it may be unnecessary and all these products are very costly.

Opinion: In my opinion, these kind of ideas are creative and may be useful if used in the right methods. The companies should not think of trying to make money but rather should try their best to give the best to the baby. This way parents will be able to use good quality products and will be able to trust them. This devices should be further developed so that even parents who do not know a lot about growing their babies can react to the baby well and know their needs,

Why do families kill their daughters? by Ki Eunyu

Why do families kill their daughters?

Summary: Honour killings are killing their family members, especially women,  if they have brought dishonour to the family's reputation or values even if it is very small act. Thousands of women are killed by this honour killing around the world,especially in Middle East and Asia. The family members will simply cover up the case and refuse to admit that they killed the victim. Family members kill the victim in variety of ways. People are rarely found guilty as it is very difficult to show evidence of killing. It is a problem that should be solved.

Opinion: I personally feel that this method of killing is very wrong and it should not be carried out. I was very angry to find out that people were killed for the smallest things, such as having western friends and dressing like them. The family should not be so unreasonable and kill their own daughters so easily. They should give a second chance for her to change and not just kill her immediately. In my opinion, this issue should definitely be solved as the wrongful acts are spreading around the world and people are being killed unreasonably.  

Wednesday 25 June 2014

UN urges action to protect forests' genetic diversity by JunTian

Summary: Forest species are coming under increasing pressure from human activities and climate change, and face the risk of extinction, the UN warns. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has published a global action plan to improve management of the world's forest genetic resources.
It describes forest ecosystems as "essential refuges for biodiversity". The call for action comes ahead of a key UN forestry meeting, which is being held in Rome at the end of June.The action plan describes forest genetic resources (FGR) as the "heritable materials maintained within and among tree and other woody plant species that are of actual or potential economic, environmental, scientific or societal value". 

 Opinion: I feel that we all have a responsibility to heal the world and to make it a better place. The UN should get all organisations to work together, not only those environmental organisations, and do more for our planet. Companies should not destroy forests just for their commercial purposes, but instead only take what is needed and ensure that what we leave behind is sustainable for future generations. 

Retirement is a journey, not a destination By JunTian

Summary: With increasing life expectancy and low birth rates, Singapore faces the prospect of a shrinking and ageing population and workforce. More elderly people close to retirement age today are keen to explore new work opportunities or carry on with their careers. Most want to keep their minds engaged and continue having a source of income. People have to take proactive steps to build a comprehensive savings plan for their future financial needs so that they can look forward to a better retirement.

Opinion: I feel that the issue off ageing population can become a very difficult problem if not handled properly with adequate measures. With more retirees, there will be more people with financial difficulties, and the government have to do more and spend more to help them. Therefore, now while most of them are still working, the government should do more to help these people save up and prepare for their retirement. This can be done by orgainising workshops, courses and seminars about financial planning and retirement plans.

Progress comes with making mistakes by Ryan

Summary: Mistake cannot not be made but is needed for creative thinking that point the way for other. Even in in today world such mistake can be accommodate and are still important as ever. Mistake of scientific progress are not from haste, sloppiness or inexperience but are from thoughtful thinking and careful experiment from bold decision are the ideas that lead to major breakthrough. For academic research should also allows such mistake.

Opinion: In my opinion, I believe that such mistake should be allowed as with such mistake only would there be a new knowledge of what should or should not be done to make the same mistake. Even simple mistake could somehow maybe lead to some discovery.

Baby tech: Will new gadgets result in paranoid parents? by JunTian

Summary: Newborns and infants are being viewed by many tech start-ups as the next big thing. Many gadgets have been invented to monintor the baby and provide extra safety features. And there are some who are concerned such manufacturers are playing on parental paranoia. "First-time parents, who are at their most obsessive about safety, are the most susceptible to manufacturers' marketing and claims to be 'best for your child'," Katie O'Donovan, from parenting network Mumsnet, tells the BBC. This can lead to some expensive purchasing mistakes, she adds.

Opinion: I feel that it is very wise for developers and manufacturers to go into the market of developing apps and other technologies for this generation of parents who are  themselves over reliant on technology, hence they will definitely earn a lot from it. However, this manufactures have to ensure that their products are reliable, and definitely will not have any negative impact on the growth of the child like from excessive radiation. Parents should also try not to become over reliant on such products, but instead learn  to trust  themselves.

Why do families do honor killings By JunTian

Summary: It is the killing of a member of a family who is perceived to have brought dishonour upon relatives. Pressure group Human Rights Watch says the most common reasons are that the victim refused to enter into an arranged marriage, was the victim of a sexual assault or rape, had sexual relations outside marriage, even if only alleged. But killings can be carried out for more trivial reasons, like dressing in a way deemed inappropriate or displaying behaviour seen as disobedient. Men may also be targeted, by members of the family of a woman with whom they are perceived to have had an inappropriate relationship. But Rothna Begum, researcher on the Middle East and North Africa for Human Rights Watch, says women bear the brunt of such punishments because they are more widely perceived as "keepers" of family or community honour. Women's advocacy groups suspect the global figure is likely to be closer to 20,000 victims per year. Most such killings are particularly difficult to prove or prosecute. There are often no witnesses and little motivation within the community for police to pursue suspects.In Pakistan, conviction rates are very low because of blood-money laws which allow kin to forgive perpetrators, usually family members in such cases. Even if convicted, men who have taken part may sometimes receive reduced sentences.

Opinion: I feel that this "honor killing" is ridiculous and unbelievable. The thought that parents can actually kill their own daughter or invite relatives to kill their own daughter is horrendous. I feel that families do not have the right to decide the fate of their children like that and no one should either unless it is the law. A live or even two in the case of a pregnant woman is at stake and parents should not be so cruel. I hope that more can be done to provide help to these women and men to help them escape the evil wrath of their parents. Those convicted should also face harsh sentences instead of being let off so easily.

Migrant workers in Singapore by Ryan

Summary: Foreign workers made up about 15% of the population in Singapore, as they are low-skilled they are unable to switch job and their work are laborious and compensation is modest. As it is economic factor that they were drove to Singapore, to improve their welfare work-related polices would be an effective way. Political will is needed to have the policies to be made effective. Regulating agents and payment of wages is one of the political will where making sure that agents does not charge the workers too much and that have some kind of electronic payment for workers so that if wage related problem complain can be deal with.

Opinion: In my opinion, government should do more effort to help such foreign worker problem as for Singapore to continue be develop we need to rely on this foreign workers. Such effort would be beneficial to both Singapore and the foreign worker, Singapore would be able to continue being develop and foreign worker will continue to earn money in Singapore.

Could your next boss be a robot by ZhiGang


As technology advances, man’s work are soon taken over by machines and man fear that soon robots with an advance artificial intelligence would soon be allowed to climb up corporate ladder and takeover man themselves. On the other hand, robots compared to man can make for happier and more productive employees by giving grunt work to them but only if it is done accurately for them to work at a place with a high level of sophistication.

In my opinion, technology is actually really important. However, as it starts to advance, man creates new technology yet to known of for things that are simply useless like a simple washing machine, although it ease man to wash the clothes, it actually make man become over reliant on technology when the things can be done by them. The technology for to ease work and now man fear that technology will take over them when it is man who created them, isn’t it ironic? 

Could GM crops help Africa by ZhiGang


Genetic Modified (GM) crops are being determined whether they are able to help Africa feed the population suffering from famine. GM crops can be drought resistant to the weather in Africa which increases the harvest. Also, GM crops are modified to be resistant against bacterial or fungi infections so that the harvests of the crop will increase which result in a higher food production. With the introduction of GM crops into Africa’s industry, it could lead to the end of famine.


In my opinion, I feel that the introduction of Genetic Modified (GM) crops into the industry is actually a good idea. It will lead to the end of famine in the world because country can have an increased in food production, also the price of food will drop and people can buy food to feed themselves instead of starving. However, the side effects of GM crops are yet unknown which poses a danger to man because of how food are experimented with.