Sunday 20 October 2013

Burning of PSLE books by ZhiGang

Post-PSLE book-burning photo inflames netizens 


Some parents can finally give a sigh of relief after their PSLE. However, some even took a step further to burn away their assessment books on fire which caused an out-roar among netizens. Troubled netizens blame those parents of humiliating knowledge and education whereas others asked why those books were not donated to needy. After the photo was circulated around the internet, it made rounds on social sites, newspaper. Many call these acts barbaric while others say they are stressed.

In my opinion, they are teaching these kids a total disregard for intellectual property, for respect of knowledge and are making a joke out of book burning. It reminds me of Emperor Qin Shi Wang who hated knowledge and ordered the burning of books by the millions. Thereafter China entered into its darkest centuries of parochial living and regresses into timidity and fear of foreigners. I am indeed ashamed of the parents of such children who have despised their children's 6 years of excellent primary education received from the MOE.

Saturday 19 October 2013

PSLE book burning by YenYuen

To celebrate the end of the Primary School Leaving examination, a group of children and parents engage in an activity of burning textbooks. This has led to discussion after the news was being circulated online. People who disagree to such action accused them of undermining knowledge and education and not donating it to the needy students.
I feel that the burning of PSLE books further undermine the inherent value of the pursuit of knowledgeIn the past, there has been a high value attached to the book as an object and only the elites are able to have access to books. However, today, almost everyone can have access to books and mostly educated. This action of burning of PSLE books actually means destroying the further pursuit of knowledge, showing the apathy of parents and students towards learning. Thus, it discourages them to show enthusiasm on their learning journey

Friday 18 October 2013

Burning of PSLE books

A group of students and their parent burn PSLE assessment book and papers. some bystander thought that they were burning text book and was angry and took a picture than uploaded it online. Others were also unhappy with their action as burning of books in the past means a bad thing. The organizer than said it does not hold any of those meaning, it was just to celebrate the end of PSLE.

In my opinion I believe that burning of books isn't a right thing to do. In the past when burning of book is an unhappy event, by burning the books some people may think that they are giving off the same meaning as in the past. It than may cause unhappiness between people and may result in a fight. This is why I believe that people should not burn books.

burning of psle books- demitay

This week after a group of students and their parents were photographed setting their worksheets ablaze post the PSLE exams was almost as bad as an angry bystander dialing 999.
Disposing of textbooks that could be given away was wasteful. Some then changed their tone to say even completed worksheets could be passed down, if not to students here, then surely to those in Africa, the world’s hypothetical dumping ground for all rubbish. Given the sheer volume of stuff that people insist on sending to Africa, it’s a surprise the continent hasn’t buckled under its own weight yet.

I feel that the parents should not burn the psle paper but recycle it or sent it to undeveloped country. Burning the papers will cause air pollution and those people with respiratory problems will be affected. Parents can also give these used papers to primary 5 pupils so they would be able to see different types of question. I believe this will benefit them greatly.

Burning of PSLE books by: Sherman Teo

People took photos of the event and posted it online, causing huge uproar. They reported that textbooks were being burnt. However, it was found out that only assessment books were burnt.  Parents were burning the books as they believe that it will relieve stress.many other parents who took part in the burning of books thought of it as a bonding event. They believe that by doing so, they will be relieving the stress the child too has endured. Many people on the other hand does not like this method of disposing off their books because they consider it as wasting
I believe that parents should not carry out such an awful act. Even though the child has completed his PSLE, there is no need to burn books. If the books is causing them to feel as stress, they could just sell of the books. Another greener method would be to recycle them. I believe that even though the books are already used, they can donate it to charity for the less fortunate. Such children will appreciate the books better and be able to have books to read or do.

Is it ok to burn PSLE assessment books? JunTian

Summary: Bystanders who did not know the details about the event took photos of the event and posted it online, causing huge resposnses from netizens. They claimed that textbooks were being burnt, and it is a great waste as they can reused. However, it was found out that only assessment books that already used that are burnt. They even suggested that such acts are similar to those of tyrants and dictators of the past who burnt books. They feel that there is a greater meaning behind burning the books. However, the parents were merely burning the books to relieve stress and celebrating that the PSLE is over. Some parents that took part in the event even took it as a family bonding event. They have also expressed that they have no intentions to stop learning or any negative intentions.

Opinion: I feel that those people who object the burning of the PSLE assessment books are just making a big fuss out of this small matter. They are too quick to judge without even finding out what truly happened. The parents feel really relived that the PSLE is finally over, and they hope to celebrate and at the same time release the stress they have experienced over the past year. Although their method of celebrating is rather different, I feel that it is very much acceptable.