Saturday 14 February 2015

Perceptions of the elderly-Lim Rong, elderly


Summary: 75 million baby boomers are moving into retirement in the USA as of 2012. How does the world view the expanding population of the elderly? Many people associate the elderly with negativity, fragility, forgetful and unwillingness to change. Many of the elderly in the USA have viewed retirement as a continuation of life with the overall mood of baby boomers being rather positive. Many of the seniors, in fact, feel as if their best years are yet to come. It may be time for the world to reevaluate how it perceives the elderly. Aging baby boomers who enjoy medical advances and improvements to daily life will be younger at heart and generally more physically able than earlier generations. Work that used to be heavily manual took its toll physically on the workers of yesterday. However, baby boomers who work in roles utilizing brain power rather than brawn may be less worn out upon reaching retirement age and do not necessarily require down time. They might prefer a more active existence.

Opinion: In my opinion I do believe that it is unfair to generalize the entire ageing population with a particular stereotype because statistics can prove that many do not behave that way. I believe that we can learn plenty from these old-timers as they have am abundance of knowledge accumulated over decades and also, as people like to call in Malay 'makan garam', meaning that they have experienced a particular occurrence in the past, they can provide us with invaluable advice that may enrich our lives. The elderly should not be frowned upon and viewed as a backwards generation. The elderly who are well-read or up to date with the current trends are often interesting to be with as one would get to reenact tales from the past as well as exchange ideas regarding the present. One would not feel as if the elderly are old, in fact, they may even treat the elderly as proper acquaintances or even friends.  

Saturday 7 February 2015

In defence of young singaporean adults - Yvelyn

Defence of Young Singaporean Adults
This article defends the accusations on why Singapore youths are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone. The accusations are the lack of drive, grades and the implications of risks. Firstly, youths today are actually very passionate in what they are doing, they would often burn the midnight oil to complete their task. This is especially true during the examination period. Secondly, Singapore is always known for putting grades as the first priority when it comes to schooling. Thus leaves students to put getting good grades as their top priority. We cannot blame youths for being too concerned on their result when it is their country which forced them to be like that. Lastly, every situations comes with a risk. It is not true that when there is risk, there will not be youths willing to try it. In fact, many youths are willing to take risks and explore on their own, they are more than willing to take charge and be independent.

I agrees with the author that those accusations against Singaporean youths are false. Youths nowadays are much more tougher and stronger than we think. Adults often underestimate us because we are young and live in a first-world country. We are surrounded by convenience and luxuries, which make us more vulnerable. However, this does not mean that we are vulnerable, we are able to think and act for ourselves. Indeed, advancements in technology made our lives much easier, but in terms of passion, we are no different from the past. We could fend for ourselves and drive ourselves for a better us.

Saturday 31 January 2015

S'pore youths spending more time online: study- Ki Eunyu

S'pore youths spending more time online: study

Summary: Youths in Singapore are spending more and more time online. They do activities such as  reading online content, viewing photos and videos, commenting and replying others, chatting online and sharing or posting content. Studies seem to show that people who spend less time online are happier and have better well being. Studies also showed that some people do not like face to face conversations and prefer chatting online.

Opinion: In my opinion, too much time spent online is not advisable. It is not good for your body and mind. With too much time spent, one will be unable to concentrate on other matters that may be more important than spending time online. Thus, youths in Singapore should limit their use of online and think about ways to spend their time more wisely.

Brain drain-Lim Rong, youth


Summary: The trend nowadays is that a growing number younger Singaporeans are more inclined to leave Singapore rather than stay within the nation in their future. This has caused many of the nation's brightest students to leave Singapore for another country, depriving Singapore of the necessary skills that they have cultivated, entailing a series of long term adverse effects. Many have also opined that the current standard of governance was not at the same high level as it was in the past. Poor management coupled with the ever-changing mindset of youth have led to the emigration of some of the nation's brightest prospects. In a short term, the problem may be dealt with via monetary means, however, the long terms effects can be cataclysmic though gradual. Is Singapore going down the brain drain?

Opinion: Reading the article being a foreigner with only exposure to the propaganda of the nation, reading the article has been something that contrasts my current beliefs on the nation. Reading the article, I do understand that the current outflow of budding talents would have a severely adverse effect on the nation's future especially with the lack of capable successors to the nation's pivotal posts. Singapore youth should appreciate the efforts of the nation, however, I do believe that they have the right to move overseas as living in Singapore is highly taxing and demanding. Nonetheless, a sense of belonging and patriotism should be embedded within the circuitry of Singaporean youths as the government has poured immense wealth and energy into ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn and to progress unlike many other countries where governments apparently have biases to certain groups.

Saturday 24 January 2015

ISIS by Divya

Summary : Lindt Chocolate Café, was attacked by a gunmen from ISIS.
Two of the 17 hostages initially held by the gunman died. They were later identified as Katrina Dawson, 38, and Tori Johnson, 34. Other people were injured, including a police officer who suffered a wound to the face from gunshot pellets. The hostages had to have their hands pressed against the cafe's windows. They were holding up a black flag with Arabic writing on it reading, "There is no God but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God."Before the raid, Monis (the gunmen) had demanded a flag and phone call with Abbott, CNN affiliate Sky News Australia reported.
Opinion : In my opinion, I feel that it is extremely worrying that there are many attacks by the ISIS happening around the world. People are living in fear and terror. Such incidents caused by the ISIS is affecting a worldwide scale of people.

Sydney Siege 2014~ Lim Rong, extremism

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Summary: 15 December 2014, Sydney was held at a standstill with the 16-hour siege of Lindt Cafe, Sydney, Australia. The lives of two hostages were taken along with an Islamist gunman responsible for the siege. Only a total of four people were injured and an estimated total of 18 hostages were held. Central Sydney was in lockdown when an Iranian refugee seized dozens of hostages early on Monday, 15 December. The gunman, named as Man Haron Monis, coerced some of the hostages to hold up an Islamic banner at the window of the cafe. The incident was deemed as an isolated incident with no other attacks occurring simultaneously. The gunman stipulated to have a flag of the Islamic State, the Sunni Islamic militant group that recently seized Syria and Iraq, delivered to the cafe. The gunman was said to had have an infatuation with extremism according to Australian premier Tony Abbot. However, majority of the public decided to stand up and protect Muslim inhabitants in Australia from receiving the flak and brand of being a terrorist through a multitude of mediums.

Opinion: In my opinion, the occurrence of the Sydney siege was indeed a major tragedy with the loss of two innocent and worthy lives by the wrath of extremism. Nevertheless, how does the siege have any correlation to our daily well-being in Singapore? Extremism has been lingering in this world for centuries and in recent years, has been on a rise. Singapore, being a cosmopolitan society, can be vulnerable to this prospect especially when we do not maintain our social discipline and integrity. However, Singapore has demonstrated exemplary cohesion among its people to be able to still live side by side with  the Muslims population in this country without any prejudice in mind. Singaporeans, for a large part, are not overwhelmed with western influence and stereotypes that crudely suggests that Muslims are synonymous to terrorism. However, we should not be complacent with our position as extremism is an underlying threat that has to be dealt with and crushed as soon as possible.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Malaysia Airline Disasters by Ki Eunyu

Summary:  Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared with 239 people on board on March 8 while traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Malaysia. Intense searches have not turned up any sign of the plane.  Malaysia's national carrier suffered a second major loss when one of its planes, Flight 17, was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people onboard. U.S. intelligence said it was brought down by pro-Russian rebels battling Ukraine fighters, which Moscow denied.

Why is it significant for Singapore: Malaysia is a very close country from Singapore. If many planes crashed near our country, we cannot just ignore. We also have to feel the sense of danger. In my opinion, these incidents have caused much insecurities to Singaporeans and people who live in Singapore. 

Wednesday 14 January 2015

US Cuba thaw Ki Eunyu

Summary: In October 1960, US imposed an embargo on Cuba as the Cuba government refused to work towards democratization and greater respect for human rights and the embargo failed to accomplish our enduring objective of promoting the emergence of a democratic, prosperous, and stable Cuba. After 5 years of imprisonment for being accused as working as US intelligence services, Alan Gross has finally returned to Cuba. President Obama said that the embargoes were in the olden days and should have diplomatic ties. This will greatly improve quality of life of Cubans as more help is given to Cuba and imports from US are allowed. 

Opinion: I feel that this decision by Obama was great was it helped to foster diplomatic ties with Cuba. This will help many Cubans and they will get more rights they deserve. It was a good approach to break the embargo as it was due to olden day relationships after cold war which was long over and it showed little effects. More countries should learn from them and work towards diplomacy.

Conflict in Ukraine Ki Eunyu

summary: After Former President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted, conflict occurred between Russia and Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia happened. Russian tanks, artillery and air defense systems have poured into Ukraine, leaving tattered cities and more than 4300 people dead. This has lead to countries like US and Europe having sanctions which has caused problems in the economy of Russia. Russia has officially declared Crimea as part of Russia but it is not being recognized by many members of UN. Crimea has no signs of being returned to Ukraine.

Opinion: In my opinion, Russia is the one at fault in this situation. Crimea originally belonged to Ukraine and Ukraine has the right to govern the country. The vote to determine whether Crimea becomes part of Russia was very unfair as it was not monitored internationally and in the country there were already military occupation, creating fear in people. Russia should give Crimea back to Ukraine and stop being involved in conflicts with other countries. Russia has already broken diplomatic ties with Ukraine and regions like US and Europe. The only way to get back the diplomatic ties is to agree and give Crimea back to Ukraine.