Thursday 26 December 2013

Egypt violence: Five injured in Cairo bus bomb blast by ZhiGang


Five people were found injured by a bomb blast close to a in the Egyptian capital. The bomb was set off a day before the Brotherhood, whose candidate was being deposed by the military was declared a terrorist organization. On Tuesday, 16 people were killed with more than 100 injured in a car bomb attack on a security building in the northern city of Mansoura. The Brotherhood was suspected behind the attack but An al-Qaeda-inspired militant group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis (Champions of Jerusalem) claimed responsibility of the attack.

In my opinion, I think that a country should spice up their defence to reduce the risk of having terrorist attack. Citizens should be more vigilant to look out for suspicious people and items. Unless tensions is settled between citizens, there will be more lives lost because of one’s dissatisfaction. A country should increase the police patrol around the neighborhood to reduce criminal activities. It should also raise awareness through broadcast so that citizens will be more vigilant when they go out.

Changi Airport to introduce self-boarding gates from April 2014

Summary: Passengers at Changi Airport will soon be able to board their flights faster, with the introduction of self-boarding gates. The gates allow passenger to only need to scan their boarding passes using barcode readers before they proceed to board their flights, there will be staff to provide assistance if needed. Boarding time will also be reduced, with the time saved departure can now be on-time. From April 2014, the gates will be progressively introduced in common gatehold rooms in all three terminals. Discussion with other airline has been made to take up this initiative. More self-service facilities will be a new feature in the new T4 when it open in 2017. the improvement are welcomed by the passengers.

Opinion: In my opinion, it is a good feature that Singapore had thought of as not only could it keep come with being modern and also solve the problem of lack of man power. Singaporean this day are only looking for job of a very high pay, such job at changi airport won't be a job that sigaporean would like to do so there will be a lack of man power as time goes.  

Monday 23 December 2013

Mars Lake Could Have Supported Life Billions of Years Ago by JunTian

Summary: A lake that could have supported life on Mars existed for as long as tens of thousands of years have been discovered. The fossil remains of the lake were identified not far from where the space agency's Curiosity rover landed inside Gale Crater on Mars in 2012, and where the rover science team has found chemical and mineral conditions needed for life. Scientists said that the ancient lake was one part of a watery Martian environment that also included streams and subsurface groundwater, which together formed a place where life could have survived for tens of millions of years. This is the first once-habitable environment ever found on Mars. However,  while concluding that Gale Crater was habitable is a major step forward in the search for possible extraterrestrial life, it does not necessarily mean that organisms ever actually lived there.

Opinion: I was very excited when I first read the article. It seems possible that there have been life on Mars several thousands or even millions of years ago. This also proved many hypothesis right about life on Mars. Although results cannot confirm if there was actually any signs of life of Mars, I believe that with further results, the truth can be discovered. If everything goes well, Man might even create a second earth on Mars.

Rain Forest Warriors: How Indigenous Tribes Protect the Amazon by JunTian

Summary: Since the early 1980s, photos from space have showed that more and more greens are disappearing. Brazil's deforestation rate had reached an alarming 27,000 square kilometers per year. These destruction only stop at the borders of the lands of indigenous tribes. This part of the forest is  home to roughly 7,000 Kayapo Indians and, to the south, another 5,500 Indians from 14 different groups. Over the years, these indigenous people have been fighting against ranchers, loggers, and gold miners. Luckily, legal protectors are there to provide aid. With their help, the Kayapo fought for and won official recognition of their lands in the 1980s and 1990s. On the other hand, their southern neighbors were already living in a smaller protected area, the Xingu Indigenous Park, established in the 1960s. However, this area lacks proper governance. Violent conflict over land, illegal logging and gold mining, fraudulent land deals, and other corruption are rampant. Laws are not protection enough. Therefore, some native tribes have staged protests, pressured the government, and fought on the ground to secure their rights. Some have also formed alliances with environmental and indigenous-rights organizations, which have helped them to form their own nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), enabling them to enlist further outside backing.

Opinion: I feel that the problem over logging is getting worse and more need to be done in order to stop this devastating phenomenal. Huge areas of lands are being destroyed daily and the natives as well as animals who belong there are at the threat of having their home lost. Luckily, there are many NGOs that volunteer to offer help to them. This allows them to fight for their rights legally and stop further destruction from being caused. The natives have also been doing their best to fight for their rights.  However, this is not enough and more have to be done. I hope that more people can volunteer and offer help to these natives, and to mother earth.

Thursday 19 December 2013

PUB calls for proposal to build second NEWater plant at Changi

Summary: The new NEWater is state to be completed by 2016, it will increase Singapore water supply. The new NEWater plant will constructed the same as the first one. It will be built mostly on the rooftop of the Changi Water Reclamation Plant. It helps to save cost and land to convey the treated water. It is need as to keep up with the growing demand for water.

Opinion: Having a new NEWater plant can help increase the independence of water from Malaysia. As Singapore only left a contract for water from Malaysia and having a new NEWater plant can help with water demand if Malaysia was to cut off the water supply from them.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Belfast Fire Bomb: Man burst into flames in shop by ZhiGang

A man ran off with his clothes on fire through shoppers in Ireland. The man appears to be moving something underneath his jacket and a large flame was ignited inside his coat and engulfed his head, shoulders as he tries to put out the flames. Then, he ran out of the shop and left behind a device that dropped out of his pocket without him knowing. There is utter disgust in Ireland with about 2 small bomb explosions in a month.

In my opinion, I feel that the recent bombing in North Ireland is showing that her people were very unhappy with the way how she is ruled. News reports has showed that the bombing were rather rare in recent years. However, I think a country ought to stand together as one. A government should take the consideration of her people or else a civil war will happen within a country. The government should find out where the problem lies or the cruel bombing will take more lives.