Monday 31 October 2016

Why mind blanks happen during exams ( Kent)


There are three region in the brain. Firstly, it is the hypothalamus. This part of the brain had strong connections to the endocrine system which is is responsible for the type and amount of hormones flowing throughout the body. The second one is the hippocampus. It plays a significant role when we are learning and recalling things. It is like a memory door . The third one is the prefrontal cortex (PFC). All the things that suggest you , as a human being, are in control are largely meditated here. Example is the ability to hold and manipulate information in your mind.

When an exam is interpreted as a threat and a stress response is triggered, working memory is wiped clean, recall mechanisms are disrupted and emotionally laden hot cognition driven by the hypothalamus overrides the normally rational cold cognition driven by PFC. This cause mind blanks.


As the saying goes. "practice makes perfect". In my opinion, practising in situations or scenarios that is similar to the actual can enable one to perform better. An example can be seen from the armed forces. They often train the new recruits in stressful situations that simulate active combat scenarios . This is to ensure that the recruits are able to adapt quickly during a real war. The more a person experiences a particular situation, the less likely he or she is to perceive such a situation as threatening. Thus , we should practise under scenarios when preparing for examinations to refrain from experiencing mind blanks.                                                                                                                                                                                          



cascade:pass (something) on to a succession of others.

cortisol:a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex and used medicinally to treat inflammation resulting from eczema and rheumatism.


Wednesday 26 October 2016

Twitter tackles the free speech conundrum

Social medias such as Twitter are said to be promoting freedom of speech,but for many social medias,freedom of speech is not achieveable anymore.For instance in January 2016,a writer's posts on Twitter were removed for breaching Twitter's newly created guidelines for speech and conduct on the platform.

I feel that although the aim of social medias is to give people the freedom of speech,it is something that is hard to achieve because there are powerful figures such as the Internet mob and the government.These figures are unforgiving and overreactive,constantly looking out for aggressive online comments,wether intentional or not.Thus with many people judging our actions and comments on social media,it is shed for freedom of speech to survive.


Monday 24 October 2016

Media stereotypes by Yuejun

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Disney princess by Rahik

Disney Princes and Princesses still slaves to some stereotypes by Jennifer Welsh 2011 (Kent);postID=2091539063187758413

Disney princes and princesses fabian

Disney Princes and Princesses Still Slave to Some Stereotypes by Jovia

I feel that gender stereotypes is bad and should not be exposed to young children. Girls can have trait of a boy and is not viewed as being abnormal. Young children should not believe that girls should just be pretty. Girls can be physically strong, assertive and athletic while boys can be emotional as well.. Girls not only tend to their physical appearance but can have more traditionally masculine traits. Once young children are exposed to gender stereotypes, they will change their expectations of the 2 different gender. Therefore, gender stereotypes is bad and should not be exposed to young children.

shedding: dropping
exhibits: display
predominant: prevailing
assertive: confident
prone: inclined
overt: apparent

Friday 21 October 2016

Germany Orders Facebook To Stop Collecting WhatsApp User Data (

In 27 September 2016, 35 million Whatsapp users in Germany had their personal data used and kept by the company. Germany ordered the company to stop collecting data, and to wipe any information that’s already been transferred so as to protect the users’ data. 

I feel that personal data of all electronic devices’ users must be protected. Our information ranging from messages to photos are personal. It should not be taken and collected without the approval of the users as those are private. I believe that such actions of stealing personal data should be restricted as it may lead to inappropriate use of data. In the passage, says Caspar, “Facebook’s answer, that this has merely not been done for the time being, is cause for concern that the gravity of the data protection breach will have much a more severe impact.” The collection of personal data will lead to many severe impacts once users find out. Hence, I believe that personal information should be protected from applications that intend to collect and misuse them without approval from the users.

Self employment used to be the dream,now it's a nightmare

Summary:We dream of self-employment where we can be our own bosses and decide what we want to do.This used to be the case,but now it is undesired.This is because there is no holiday pay,no coverage for any injuries and sicknesses and you also have to be responsible for problems with the system.

Opinion:I feel that self-employment,though provides a pleasant working experience,is disadvantageous.Self-employment means that you have to live through holidays without any pay at all and you also have to face unstable salary.If you were to be sick,there will also be no sick pay.There are also few rights or protections for self-employers and comparatively lower pay since there is no authority or organisation helping you.In a nutshell,self-employment is worse than working under employers..


Friday 14 October 2016


Recently, google has been trying to invent a cancer and heart attack detector. It is trying to detect diseases at an earlier stage if possible so as to save more lives. The technology requires nanotechnology that can explore the body at a molecular ans cellular level. If the project is successful, it can save many people's lives.

In my opinion, the technology that can detect diseases at early stages is very helpful. It is fast, portable and simple to use. If diseases like cancer are detected at earlier stages, many lives could be saved if they undergo treatment in time. After inventing it, a great number of lives would definitely be saved due to the advanced technology of the invention. In the passage, it shows that the detection of diseases only a short period of time after analyzing in the computer software. It speeds up things a lot as patients do not need to queue up in the hospital to wait for the results of their bloodtests. Therefore, it is very helpful in our medical technology as it can save more people if their diseases were detected earlier.