Wednesday 28 November 2012


Jimmy was always the top student in his studies and his classmates were always jealous of him. One day, he found a piece of paper under his desk in a spelling test and decided to take a look at it. Surprisingly, it was the answers for the test! His classmates saw this and started to accuse him as a cheater. They even posted mean Facebook messages about the incident.(show cyberbullying)
"I can't take this anymore! They keep saying I'm a cheater just because I found that piece of paper!" Jimmy uttered to himself. "The teacher believed me and decided to drop the case as it wasn't mine! Why can't they just stop spreading these rumours! " Jimmy decided to tell this to his parents and let them handle this case. His parents decided to take this matter to the school principal and let the school handle this problem...

Ice Age warmth wiped out lemmings, study finds

Each extinction was followed by a re-colonisation of genetically different lemmings, according to the study. It investigated how Europe's small mammals fared during the era when large numbers  of land animals became extinct.When researches went to research they found that not the same gentically lemmings were present possibly from populations in eastern Europe or Russia. The team focused on lemmings as indicators of what may have happened to other land mammal populations during the last Ice Age.

Because of human activities causes changes in environment animal become extinct. Researches should research as to what happen to the land animal during ice age and how are they going to prevent animal from being extinct.

Story about cyberbullying by Ryan


Adam was a boy from a normal family just that he was always being cyber bullied. He was often receiving messages like he come from a smelly family, he is just a smelly animal and coward. His classmate also post pictures of him in dirty area, him in a pig house. He wanted to prove to his classmate that he isn’t what they say he is, so he bath every two hour, he wanted to prove he wasn’t a coward so he went to punch anybody who he see and doesn’t like.  When the school reports his action to his parent, his parent didn’t really care as they didn’t bother with his life. He continues for a few months, and his classmate start to post things like saying he’s crazy on social network.

One day he decided to end his misery by committing suicide, he posted on all social network that he is going to kill himself by jumping down from his house which is the highest floor and said that those who don’t believe him could come and watch. Soon most of his classmate gathered and his classmate encourage him to jump as they think he doesn’t dare to jump, so Adam finally jump out of the window from his house.

Monday 26 November 2012

News review: done by Kai Yi

Summary: Scientists have found that marine snails in seas around Antarctica are being affected due to ocean acidification. Ocean acidification is a result of additional carbon dioxide being absorbed by the waters because of the burning of fossil fuels. It has led to snails' shells being corroded. Marine snails are an important link in the oceanic food chain. Hence if this situation prolongs they will make a great impact to other parts of the food web of the ocean life.
Opinion: In my opinion, I feel that the root cause of the marine snails’ shells being corroded is mainly due to human’s activities. The burning of fossil fuels and deforestation leads to the ocean waters absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting in ocean acidification. If this situation prolongs, there would be an increase in the harmful effects of global warming and the marine life would also be greatly affected. I think that since Science technology is so advanced nowadays, man should use it to invent methods that would help the to reduce the negative impacts of global warming and save Mother Earth.

Saturday 24 November 2012

A story about cyberbullying by Zhi Gang :D

"6 new messages."

Said a cheerful, yet robotic voice, automatically bringing up her inbox. Georgie's eyes darted across the new messages, reading the first few words as she bit her bottom lip nervously.

"Kelly Monteith has tagged you a post, click here to view it."

A sick feeling swept over her, yet she opened up the link.

"Had fun at lunch today with @Taylr Carter, @Maddy Smith & @Kathelyn Starten. Can wait to see @Georgina Markley TOMORROW! that b*tch had better watch out.. ;D"

The status had 5 likes so far. A tear rolled down Georgie's cheek as she opened up the next message "Maddy Smith and 8 others commented on a post you were tagged in" She clicked away quickly, ignored the remaining message. She switched off the computer screen and went up to the dark stairs to her room, and lay on her bed. Closing her eyes, she thought of her mother, and her comforting smell, and the way she laughed. Georgie began to sob in the privacy of her room. She curled up in a ball and comforted herself. Alone.

Monday 19 November 2012

A story about cyberbullying by Kai Yi

Tracy was a shy and a hardworking girl but was often being cyberbullied by her classmates through social media. They often post nasty and totally untrue comments on facebook saying that she was as fat as a pig and calling her names, etc.  At first, she had tolerated with her classmates’ behavior, but this had greatly affected Tracy’s self-esteem, and also resulting in her cutting down on her diet. Once, Tracy’s mother had enquired if she was facing any difficulties in school but Tracy lied that everything was good. However, after a week’s time, Tracy’s classmates became bolder, they started sending threatening messages, calling her untrue names and posting comments that were totally fallacious to many of her social websites such as email, facebook and her twitter accounts.

“Why am I being bullied for things that aren’t true?” “Why do they detest me so much?” "Didn’t they share a thought on how I may feel?” “WHY? ” Tracy thought, she was very hurt, demoralised and was at a loss of what to do. Finally, after much thought, she decided to relate this torturous experience to her mother…

The disadvantages of overpaying sports athletics by Kai Yi
Elite sports athletes are extremely overpaid and this could lead to corruption in sports. They could take drugs to enhance their performance so that they could perform better when they are in major competitions. If they win any medals or awards, the country that they are representing would give them a very large sum of monetary reward. The sports athletic will also earn a large amount of money because of their fans. Therefore, large sums of money given to the elite sports athletics may lead to corruption in sports because of their greed.

Overpaying athletes leads to high ambitions among coaches and parents. In the end, the talented or gifted child will suffer. As the parents will want their child to succeed in life and make their family proud. Most importantly, the parents and coaches both want the extensive amount of money given to the sports athletic if they win any medals in major competitions. Hence, the coaches and parents will definitely force the young child at the age of about four to five years old to practice in the sport that they are good in. This will only destroy the lives of the child, as the child may not like the sport but has to practice for long sessions everyday, and may get scolded if they do not follow the rules that their coaches and parents give.

Are sportsman overly-paid? :3

Qn: Are sports celebrities overpaid?(O.o)

  • Ø  Most of the sports athletes who makes it to the highest level will not stick around very long.
  • Ø  Elite performers in nearly every industry are very well compensated.
  • Ø  Athletes are entertainers. (Fans and Huge Audiences)
  • Ø  Actors and singers work in the craft whereas athletes are just using their talents to play a child’s game.
  • Ø  Athletes had been practising since when they were kids to hone their skills.
  • Ø  Cost of building a football team is the same as making a Hollywood movie.

I feel that Athletes are not overpaid due to the fact that they have to start practising since they were young to hone their skills which would have probably take a long time. Moreover, many feels that they would just use their borned-talent to play a child's game. However, most did not know that athletes do not stay around very long once they reach to a higher level. Thus, most people overlooked the fact that an athlete had to hone their borned-skills since they were young, but they could only stick around for a certain amount of time before they will retire as they would not have a better stamina to play a better game as they get older. Hence, I do not agree that Athletes are overly-paid.
Paragraph Writing:

Elite sports athletes are extremely overpaid and this could lead to corruption in sports
Drugs - To enhance once performance in the games.
This is probably due to the amount he/she would earn when he/she wins a trophy and do their country proud. For example, Michael Phelps, took drugs in the Olympics in February 2009 and was suspended.The other corruption in sports can also be bribery. This also happens as some of the Athletes are tempted of the money they would be given as a 'gift' and thus accepting this bribery to make a certain game lose or win.

Overpaying athletes leads to high ambitions among coaches and parent. In the end, a talented/gifted child will suffer
Parents are usually the ones who keep the money for the child. The coaches are another person who are hired to coach the gifted child. They might probably earn more money if their student wins a certain game. Thus, once the child who wins a certain game earns alot of money, the parents or coaches would be more tempted in the sense that they could receive more money. Hence, they will probably put the child in a worse state by putting him into more training which would cause the child to suffer. However, since these athletes have to retire some other time as a result of their age, what is the whole point of starting to train these young athletes when they were born. These all is the results of the temptation of the parents.

Saturday 17 November 2012

Chalara Dieback by Zhi Gang o-o
News Review:
Recently, there have been findings of a disease that once had spreaded and infected most of the continent in Eastern Europe over 2 decades in 1992. The disease, Chalara Dieback, is known to come from a fungus, Chalara fraxinea fungus. This deadly disease was found to have infected 115 sites in England, Wales and Scotland. The government are worried that the Dieback disease would threaten the UK’s ash as the spores of the fungus could be blow across the mainland Europe. Although it was shown that it is impossible to eradicate this disease, the government came to the decision of removing or destroying the diseased tree. However the mature trees are not removed due to the fact that it would affect the the trees would be important for the wildlife.
I feel that the government should come out with the antidote to treat the disease as a matter of fact that it had once strike the continent before in 1992. Although removing the trees or destroying them would help in the situation, the disease might once again spread. Moreover, the removal of the trees would also result in the increase in the rate of Global Warming which is harmful for the Earth we live in. Thus, I hope that they would be able to find the cure for these Dieback soon and hope that they would be able to eradicate this disease before it spreads further again.

Summary- Sportsmen: By Lim Kay Ray

Title: Are Sports Celebrities Overpaid?

News Article:
1.      Players who made it to higher levels do not stay around for very long.
2.      Most elite players are rich as they are well compensated
3.      Athletes are simply using their god-given talents to play a child’s game.
4.      A baseball team’s payroll can produce a Hollywood movie with a few famous stars.
5.      The elite performers in every industry are well compensated.
6.      Athletes are entertainers.
7.      They are paid for the time taken to polish their skills.
8.      Actors and singers work at their craft but athletes use their god-given talents to play a child’s game.
9.      Athletes practice since they were young to hone their raw gifts into talents.
I think that sports athletes are not over paid as players who make it to higher levels do not stay around for very long. Athletes are like entertainers, paid for the time taken to polish their skills. They simply use their god-given talents to play a child’s game. They practice since they were young to hone their raw gifts into talents. The cost of and athletic team and Hollywood movie is the same. Most elite players are rich as they are well compensated. In fact, every elite performer in every industry are well compensated and not only the elite players.
Paragraph writing:
Para 1 :
Elite sports athletes are extremely overpaid and this could lead to corruption in sports. Athletes may take drugs to outperform the opponent, being tempted by the prize money, or sometimes bribed to win. Athletes who take drugs to outperform the opponent, they using underhand means to win the game and this is no sportsmanship. Athletes may also bribe the opposing team to purposely lose to them to get the prize money. Athletes may even stoop to underhand means to win the game, so they will get the trophy or prize.

Para 2:
Overpaying athletes leads to high ambitions among coaches and parents. In the end, a talented or gifted child will suffer. Talented children in sports are good. But if the parents start training the child rigorously at a young age, he might suffer in the end. Players who made it to higher levels do not stay around for very long so what’s the point of training the child at a young age? Once they hit a certain age, they are not considered as athletes by the society as they are too aged. High expectations from coaches and parents lead to higher chances of them feeling more disappointed when the players lose the game. When coaches and parents put the child to training at a tender age, he might not be able to focus on his studies and become a sportsman. But when he is aged and not recognised as an athlete, he can no longer earn his keep through the prize money.