Thursday 6 December 2012

A story about cyberbullying ~ JUNTIAN

“Bzzz……Bzzz….” Zhi Wei’s phone started vibrating. Picking up his phone, he received a notification. The class bully John had just sent him an image. He knew something bad was happening immediately. Unlocking his phone immediately, what greeted him was the greatest horror of his life. It was a screenshot of a Facebook post with a caption that read: "PEDOPHILE OF THE CENTURY. RUN WHEN U MEET HIM." Below, was a photo of him entering the handicaped toilet with his 2 year-old female cousin. He stared at the photo, completely shocked and speechless.
 He remembered that day they were at the mall and somehow they were separated. Then his cousin suddenly needed the toilet urgently. He was helpless and their parents were not anywhere nearby. His cousin was breaking into tears any time. Finally he made the decision of using the handicap toilet. Little did he know his act of helping his younger cousin would turn out like that.

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