Tuesday 11 December 2012

Tophill Low Nature Reserve Otters Flooded Out Of Home by Zhi Gang D:

News Review:
There has been sighting of an otter family at the Yorkshire Water's Tophill Low water treatment works near Driffield, which is also a public nature reserve. The otter family was believed to be forced into the open by recent flooding. The cubs' mother was thought to have move her children to another holt due to the flooding of their old one after the heavy rain.
I feel that the government in YorkShire should do more in building more drains so that the drainage system would be better. Hence, rain water could be drained probably to prevent such flooding from happening. Such flooding not only will affect the habitat of the otters might might also result in their extinction. Otters are now endangered, if the government does not play a good role in preserving this little creatures, who will do it then?

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