Saturday 1 December 2012

Energy Bill HouseHold To Fund News Review by Zhi Gang :P
News Review:
The government in UK, has come to the decision to reduce the emissions of carbon foot print by going towards the development of low-carbon electricity generation. For this solution to happen, all the families have to pay a heavy price for such a solution. All families have to pay at least an estimated £20 next year to fund clean energy investment, rising to £95 by 2020. Energy companies will get £7.6bn from this to invest in low-carbon power. However, there is no target for the amount of carbon emissions by 2030 and further longer terms emission will be discussed by 2016.
 Opinion: I feel that although this is a good solution to reduce the carbon footprint which will also reduce the rate of global warming. However, the government needs to think more about the poorer families. Having to give more money a year means that the poorer family have to work harder not only to feed their own families but also pay the electricity bills and lastly the money that would be used for clean energy investment. Thus, this would increase the load of poorer families. Hence, this whole think might not be a good idea afterall.

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