Friday 28 December 2012

A teen hero by demi tay

John is a very courageous boy who will fight for justice and help people who are in need. He is the apple of his mother’s eyes. His mother is very proud of him and will praise him to all her friends.
On a Saturday morning, his mother went out for shopping trip with her friends. Feeling bored at home he decided to go for a fishing trip.
Upon, reaching his destination he immediately unpacked all the stuff needed for fishing and walked towards the sea.
‘Help…. help!!’A voice shouted. John looked towards the sea and saw a boy struggling to stay up on the water. Without thinking he jumped into the sea to save the boy. By the time he reached, the boy was already unconscious. With his strong arms he grabbed the boy’s waist and pushed him up the surface. With all his strength he paddled towards the shore.
Despite being exhausted, he immediately gave the boy CPR upon reaching the shore. Soon after the boy started to cough out the water that he drank in .The boy look up and smiled at john, with a small whisper he thanked john.

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