Sunday 9 December 2012

Should Mobile Phones Be Used In Class? by Zhi Gang :O

In the modern age, mobile phones are as ubiquitous among adults as they are in students. Not only do they fufil the simple function of being a simple phone, they are also cameras, organisers and music players all rolled into one. Thus, mobile phones also offer an avenue for pupils to flaunt their wealth. Nowadays, new models of mobile phones are released an an ever increasing rate. Student and even adults try to lay their hands on the latest and 'coolest' mobile phones. If students are allowed to being these phones to school, it is inevitable that some comparison will take place. Those who are less well-off will start feeling left out, and they might be pressured to find ways and means to acquire one for themselves. Hence, it is best to leave the mobile phone out of the school environment.

Mobile phones should be also banned in schools because they can be a magnet for crime. Those who are unable to acquire the latest phone for themselves might be tempted to steal from their friends. This will then cause a disruption to the lessons as the school will then have to conduct a search in order to nab the thief. Other than that, having a phone in class can pose as a serious distraction to the students. While schools which have allowed mobile phones in schools have been careful to say that usage in class is disallowed. It is a fact that many students are openly flouting this rule by surreptitiously messaging their friends on the sly. Even conscientious students will be tempted to do what is disallowed. Thus, it is better to remove the source of temptation than to continually battle with it.

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