Wednesday 5 December 2012

Should handphones be used in class lessons? By Kai Yi
In my opinion, handphones should be used in class lessons, as it poses a great help to our education and also minimizes the loss of time in lessons. Nowadays as Science technology has advanced quite rapidly, I think that many teachers will want to organize lessons including the use of the internet as students will be more interested and will be able to grasp the topics that are being taught. However, the use of computer labs brings many disadvantages thus thereby deterring teachers to do so. Firstly, teachers have to get the students to move from their classrooms to the computer lab. Secondly, the teacher also has to keep the class quiet when they there. As a result, time will be lost and most of the teachers will not have enough time to complete their lessons. Most schools only have a limited number of computer labs but many teachers who want to book the computer labs, as a result, I feel that these are the reasons,  that's why most teachers seldom bring their students to the computer lab.
In my opinion, since surfing the internet in class lessons brings many advantages to learning, adding to the fact that most students have smartphones, I feel that so handphones should be allowed in class lessons so students could complete the tasks given by their teachers by using their phones to surf the internet. Those students who do not have a smartphone could share with others. Furthermore, using handphones in class is very convenient and lesser time will be lost too. Many teachers may fear the fact that many students would use their phones to play games and listen to music, etc, instead of surfing the internet to search for information to complete their tasks. Actually, I think that this could be solved, the teachers could first give a stern warning that the student’s phone would be confiscated if he/she is caught using their phones on other irrelevant websites and the teacher could also walk around the classroom to deter the students from doing so.  (no advice)                                             

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