Saturday 22 December 2012

Connecticut shooting by demi tay
The gunman, named by police as Adam Lanza, 20, shot and killed his mother Nancy Lanza at their home in Newtown, an affluent town of 27,000 people about 60 miles north-east of New York City. After killing his mother, Lanza apparently stole a number of her guns and drove her car five miles (8km) to the school, which he attended as a child.
The school has about 700 pupils aged between five and 10. He was carrying an assault rifle, thought to have been a Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle, a civilian version of the military's M-16. Police say this was the main weapon used during the shooting, though Lanza was also carrying two handguns loaded with high-capacity magazines. Visitors to the school have to be "buzzed in" by a member of staff. But at about 09:30, Lanza shot his way into the school, When the police arrived, they found the school's front windows were shattered. A school employee ran through the halls warning of a gunman on the loose, and someone switched on the intercom, alerting people in the building to the attack by letting them hear the mayhem in the school office. Teachers locked their doors and ordered children to huddle in a corner or hide in cupboards as shots echoed through the building.
They used different methods to calm their students. Some read stories while others pulled out crayons for the children draw.
Some of the teachers sat with their children holding teddies or comfort blankets in huddled silence while others whispered Christmas carols, not pausing when they heard screams or shots over the intercom. Authorities say the shooting only lasted a few minutes and victims were found in two rooms. Lanza apparently shot himself. The officers went from room to room removing surviving children and staff from classrooms.
They did not fire their weapons during the search. The schoolchildren were escorted hand-in-hand and were told the shut their eyes as they passed the principal's office, believed to be the scene of much of the carnage.
I think that they should improve the security of the schools to protect the of the ways is by checking the visitor from head to toe making sure there is no dangerous devices before allowing them to enter the school. The government should control the selling of guns out to people as it will be very dangerous people buying should give a letter to the shop on why they want to purchase the guns and increasing the cost of the guns so fewer people will be buying. If they do not control, cases like in sandy hook elementary will happen innocent lives would be lost. Controlling the selling of guns can reduce crimes done by people, if not people will be all worried about lives being taken any time and would want to wear a bulletproof vest. In conclusions more people will be cautious wherever they are.

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