Tuesday 11 December 2012

breath test for cancer by demi tay

The test, which looks for exhaled chemicals linked to tumor activity, was able to identify a majority of patients with the disease. If diagnosed and treated early, the chances of stopping cancer can be good, but there is often little or no outward sign of the disease until it has progressed significantly. Breath-tests have been suggested for a variety of diseases, including other types of cancer, TB and diabetes, but Dr. Claire Turner, a lecturer in analytical chemistry at the Open University, said that it was often difficult to interpret the cocktail of chemicals contained in every breath, as they could be influenced by what the patient had been eating, or even just by being ill or spending time in a hospital environment. But, the initial test identified the cancer patients with 85% accuracy, and although, when combined with a follow-up test, the overall result fell to 76%.
Although the accuracy of testing cancer overall results drops it can still help to test if the patients have cancer. So before the testing of cancer the patients should stop eating so as to not let the accuracy to drop. Testing of cancer should take place in the morning, as the patient did not interact with any food. This testing of cancer from the breath can let the patient know if they have cancer and thus will be more mentally prepared and also the curing of the cancer percentage will be higher.in short, more people will be able to survive from the disease.

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