Tuesday 11 December 2012

Should hand phones SHOULD be used in class by demitay

Hand phones are portable and WE can bring THEM anywhere we want and having them is a blessing. We can locate any of our family members any time we want and USE THEM as well FOR safety purposes. It is especially popular among teenagers as they tend to use hand phones to send messages.

Hand phones can BE useD for safety purposes as nowadays teenagers tend TO stay out late after school before going home. ThIS will cause the parents to be worried. With hand phones the teenagers can tell the parent where they have gone to and with whom they are with so if there is any problem that occurS the parents can give a call to the friends that their child IS with.

In school, the teacher can ask the students to use the internet to check information about the subject they are studying and do a project in class immediately. So the students will have a brief introduction about what they are about to learn and the class standard will rise after a period of time. With projects, students will be more interested in studying. This in turn will stop parents of the child FROM BEING worried and stressED out if their child does not have interest in studying.

But there are still so naughty students WHO that will use phones without permission of the teachers. They will use it to play gameS and also message other studentS DISTRACTING disrupting them. The solution is every start of the lesson the teachers should hold on to their hand phones first and return them when the lesson is over.

In short, I think that hand phones should be useD in class as I think that it can benefit the teachers, students and parents greatly

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