Friday 28 December 2012

television blessing or a curse by demi tay

Having a television for children is a blessing as letting children watch television programs create an educational environment for them to be in. There are educational programs such as Sesame Street that teaches spelling, reading, basic mathematics and literacy. Before they enter primary school they would have learned how to read. There are also children’s documentary, it provide scientific facts and live experiments for the children to see. There are also entertaining programs that will stop the children from mischief and control them to sit and enjoy the programs.
There could be disadvantages for young children. They may get addicted to watching television. If they watch television for too long it may worsen their eyesight or they maybe getting dementia in their old age. An example of TV drams they shouldn’t watch is adult drama, action pack (violence) and cartoons, all these have violence and inappropriate image. They may learn from them, thinking it is all right to do this in real life.The worst scenario is becoming violence during puberty.

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