Thursday 27 December 2012

Lake Ellsworth Antarctic drilling project called off By: Sherman Teo


An ambitious mission to drill through 3km (1.8 miles) of Antarctic ice to a lake that has been sealed off for thousands of years has been cut short. They were unable to join the main hole to another hole that was to be used to recover drilling water. They were hoping to find hints of life from long ago, or even still surviving today. This failure in the drilling programme will come as a huge blow. The team is packing up its equipment and protecting it against the bitter Antarctic winter. It may be more than another season before the team can return to try again.


In my opinion, I think that what scientists are doing is that they are trying to research on new things that has never been touched for ages. I think that scientists should not start to research on that area because due to global warming, the ice caps are melting at an extremely fast pace. If they start to dig up more holes, it may lead to undesirable consequences which may then affect the rest of the world.

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