Friday 9 August 2013

More funding for youth performing arts in Singapore's North East District. By JunTian

Summary: The North East Community Development Council will help cover the expenses of those who desire to sing, dance, or act, among other things. The Youth Arts Interest Group Fund will help sustain the dreams of those who want to make a difference to society with their talents. The new funding also aims to keep youths off the streets, and in good company as they can be monitored, and ensured that they only do the right things. The funding can be used for competition entry fees, facilities booking costs, or money needed for costumes and props. Acting Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean welcomed the idea and he feels that this can help youths express themselves and allows them to contribute in other ways like helping in the environment or social services.

Opinion: I feel that the new funding is very beneficial especially to youths with artistic talents like
dancing, singing and painting. Youths can use the fund to book facilities or purchase necessary items. This allows them to improve their talents, and groom more talents for Singapore. Youths can also make new friends through these activities, and they can be positive influences.

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