Saturday 19 October 2013

PSLE book burning by YenYuen

To celebrate the end of the Primary School Leaving examination, a group of children and parents engage in an activity of burning textbooks. This has led to discussion after the news was being circulated online. People who disagree to such action accused them of undermining knowledge and education and not donating it to the needy students.
I feel that the burning of PSLE books further undermine the inherent value of the pursuit of knowledgeIn the past, there has been a high value attached to the book as an object and only the elites are able to have access to books. However, today, almost everyone can have access to books and mostly educated. This action of burning of PSLE books actually means destroying the further pursuit of knowledge, showing the apathy of parents and students towards learning. Thus, it discourages them to show enthusiasm on their learning journey

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