Thursday 4 September 2014


Summary: Mr Lee introduced the Pioneer Generation package to thank all our pioneers who have sacrificed to build Singapore and they have overcame difficult and dangerous situations to build a sovereign, independent country. They transformed Singapore from Third World to First and they always looked to the future and strove to give their children better lives than themselves. He also mentioned the importance of education so that we can keep improving Singapore. He also emphasized the quality of education in Singapore regardless whether it is Universities, ITE or Polytechnics,  all of them producing quality students.

Opinion: I feel that it is really very meaningful to implement the Pioneer Generation package as our pioneers have done so much for the progress of Singapore and contributed more than we ever could. Therefore, introducing the Pioneer Generation Package can allow our pioneers to have more medical benefits which they definitely deserve after all they have done for our country. I also agree with PM Lee that every school is a good school. No matter where they are at, students should do their best and achieve the best that they can in order to do their teachers proud. They will also be able to contribute better to society in the future. Hence it is very important that all students study hard.

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