Saturday 31 January 2015

Brain drain-Lim Rong, youth


Summary: The trend nowadays is that a growing number younger Singaporeans are more inclined to leave Singapore rather than stay within the nation in their future. This has caused many of the nation's brightest students to leave Singapore for another country, depriving Singapore of the necessary skills that they have cultivated, entailing a series of long term adverse effects. Many have also opined that the current standard of governance was not at the same high level as it was in the past. Poor management coupled with the ever-changing mindset of youth have led to the emigration of some of the nation's brightest prospects. In a short term, the problem may be dealt with via monetary means, however, the long terms effects can be cataclysmic though gradual. Is Singapore going down the brain drain?

Opinion: Reading the article being a foreigner with only exposure to the propaganda of the nation, reading the article has been something that contrasts my current beliefs on the nation. Reading the article, I do understand that the current outflow of budding talents would have a severely adverse effect on the nation's future especially with the lack of capable successors to the nation's pivotal posts. Singapore youth should appreciate the efforts of the nation, however, I do believe that they have the right to move overseas as living in Singapore is highly taxing and demanding. Nonetheless, a sense of belonging and patriotism should be embedded within the circuitry of Singaporean youths as the government has poured immense wealth and energy into ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn and to progress unlike many other countries where governments apparently have biases to certain groups.

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